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We provide free Bible correspondence studies through Source of Light Ministries.  These courses are designed to be suitable for different ages and cultures, and are available in many languages.  Many have grown spiritually through studying these progressive Bible courses.  When a person finishes a course, he or she receives a certificate. 
Source of Light Courses
See & Do, Courses 1 & 2 (S&D 1) and (S&D 2)
Designed for children ages 4-7, these courses present Bible truths through well-illustrated stories. Each course includes a picture to be colored that reinforces the story, and the quiz is designed to be read to the child by a parent or teacher. (There are seven lessons in each course.)
Storytime, Courses 1 & 2 (ST 1) and (ST 2)
These courses are for children 7-8. Each well-illustrated lesson has a short, continued story to which children can easily relate. The Biblical truth taught in the story is augmented by a puzzle page and checked by the quiz. (There are seven lessons in each course.)
Explorers 1 (EX 1)
For those who are 9-10 years old or those who have completed the Storytime courses, these eight lessons explain what God is like, what man is like, who our enemy is, and how a person can become a child of God. Each lesson includes a puzzle page.
Explorers 2 (EX 2)
What does Jesus want me to do? Seven lessons deal with assurance, growth, obedience, and the Christian walk. Like Explorers, Course 1, each lesson includes some fun-related activities.
Best Friends (BF 1)
Overcomers Mailbox Club (OV 1)
A Country Called Heaven (TMC 1)
More people have been saved while studying this course than any of the others. Beginning with A Country Called Heaven and ending with 4 Things God Wants You to Know, these seven lessons make the way of salvation crystal clear.
The New Life in Christ 1 (NL 1)
12 lessons make God's salvation clear. This course is particularly suited for those who do not have an accurate concept of God. This course is suitable for teens and adults.
The New Life in Christ 2 (NL 2)
Jesus Christ is presented as the Promised Savior, the Mighty God, the Lamb of God, our Intercessor, our Life, etc. Twelve different lessons view Christ from 12 different perspectives. This course is suitable for teens and adults.
The New Life in Christ 3 (NL 3)
For adults, this course discusses creation, the new birth, victory over Satan, soul-winning, and victory in Christ along with other topics.
Practical Christian Living (PCL)
For adults, this course teaches practical Christian living. Dealing with assurance, inferiority, conscience, authority, chastening, bitterness, etc., it has contributed to the spiritual growth of many people.
God's Great Salvation (GGS)
These lessons express the depth of our salvation in Christ. This is an excellent course for older Christians.
Winning the Race of Life (WRL)
Written originally to be used with the Olympics in 1996, this course compares the Christian life to running a race. Part of the course deals with the different names of God and the blessing each indicates. This course is good for teens and adults.
Love, Dating, & Marriage (LDM)
Ideal for teens, this course discusses love, sex, dating, and marriage candidly, but not offensively. LDM tells how to apply scriptural principles to dating. Every teen needs to study these 12 lessons.
Basic Bible Truths (BBT)
Great truths of the Bible such as repentance, faith, regeneration, adoption, and santification are taught. This course is great for adults who are serious about their Bible study.
Fishers of Men (SW)
A Christian's love for others will compel him to want to win souls for Christ. This course tells how to explain the Gospel and lead people to Christ. This is a great course for older teens and adults.
The Holy Spirit's Ministry (SUP 1)
This single-lesson course explains the ministry of the Holy Spirit today.
The Spirit World (SUP 2)
8 lessons teach about angels, Satan, demons, witchcraft, and other aspects of the spirit world. Written to meet the needs of Christians in certain parts of the world, the truths in this course have become important over all the world.
Light from the Gospel of John
This was the original course developed by Source of Light. Even though it has been revised, it still shares the light of salvation as presented in the Gospel of John.
The Way to Heaven
Containing truths from several other courses, The Way to Heaven is produced in large print for those just learning to read or the visually impaired.

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